The Dream Of My Life

Topics: Graduate school, Business school, College Pages: 2 (672 words) Published: December 5, 2014
The dream of my life
I have come a long way from almost being homeless to applying to your prestigious Institution. In fact, when my five months pregnant wife and I landed at the JFK International Airport in the afternoon of June 6, 2009, we had only a couple of thousands of dollars and knew few words of English. Now, my wife who is the “quarterback” of our family and I are proud parents raising our lovely two children Fatima and Abraham, respectively five and three years old. In addition, we both are separately embarked in this process of graduate school application. There are many reasons I am applying for an MBA. Among these reasons are jumpstart and refocus my career goals, improve my leadership skills, gain a network of peers, faculty, and alumni, sharp business acumen, and learn from expert faculty. In addition, obtaining an MBA will be a personal and a professional fulfillment. I obtained a bachelor’s degree in General Management from the University of Conakry in 2002 in Guinea, West Africa. After graduating, I went to work for Name of the Firm, an auditing firm in Guinea, for two years. Then, I took a job as an accounting manager at Areeba, one of the largest wireless companies in the Guinea. Then, I went to work for SOGUIPAH, an Agro-Industry company, which grows rubber plants. The company also produces hard rubber from the coagulum which is a raw material used to produce rubber. When I arrived in the United States and to continue my quest for personal and professional growth, I enrolled in an undergraduate accounting program at the Jersey City University. Today, I am in my last semester and expect to graduate in December 2014. For someone in my situation, I believe it is important, after obtaining a bachelor’s degree, to continue carrying the momentum toward the achievement of a lifelong goal of obtaining an MBA. After looking into the program of several graduate schools, I believe that the graduate program at UC...
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