The Dinner Party and Uncle Octavian

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N. Monsarrat The Dinner Party
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Nicholas John Turney Monsarrat (22 March 1910 – 8 August 1979). He is a popular English novelist whose best-known work is The Cruel Sea (an international bestseller about the battle of the Atlantic). During the Second World War He served with the Royal Navy, chiefly on the dangerous Atlantic convoy runs. Summary

The story tells us about a rich man (uncle Octavian). He was a hospitable and friendly man – until January 3, 1925. It was his fifty-fifth birthday. As usual on such a day he was giving a party, a party for twelve people. All of them were old friends. During the party he was admired a magnificent diamond ring on the princess's hand. Then the ring was passed from hand to hand. Soon she asked to have her ring back. Uncle Octavian commanded that there will be no search in his house. Because guests were his close friends. But nobody returned the princess's ring back. The ring was never found and it never appeared. Since that event Uncle Octavian never gave a single lunch or dinner party for the last thirty years of his life. He died a comparatively poor man with the special sadness of a hospitable host. The main idea of the story extract is the problem of behavior. It is doesn’t matter rich you or poor man. You should have your personal principle and manners. It is always confuse and stress you when you understand who are really your close friends. Uncle Octavian has understood that one of his close friends is a thief. But till the end of a party he continued to believe that it was joke. Because he absolutely trusted to his friends. But he was mistaken. Because of one traitor (предатель) he lost all his old friends. Since that he doesn’t trust anyone. So much treason can effect on a person. Stylistic analysis

In that story the author uses a contrast that is achieved by antonyms “rich” and “poor” to create the main character of a story(Uncle Octavian)...
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