The Different Cultures of U.K. and China

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Tea drinking cultures about U.K. and China
CHAN Gloria
Upper Iowa University (SOC240 – Diverse Cultures in America) Dr. Alan Lai

Every nation will have their different cultures, like the United States is a multi-cultural society, Japan and China is a democratic society trip. Every culture show different characteristics of their civic. And in this paper I would like to show you about the tea drinking cultures. Every single thing can show culture of their country. I working in a tea house and I would know about different people their different thinking about tea. I would like to do a compare in this paper.

Cultures of U.K.
Britain's official name is "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland", often referred to as the United Kingdom or the British, in this framework also includes the four regions, namely England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Its land area is 241,752 square kilometers, about 6.7 times in Taiwan. According to the 1994 population data about 58,400,000 people, about 2.7 times the population of Taiwan.  By the history and ethnically, the Scots, Wales and Northern Ireland are all descendants of Celtic, while England is mainly Anglo-Saxon family. As the population of England and the culture in the absolute superiority, the United Kingdom in name but also by the rule of the British royal family, and the core of political power, the Congress also decided in London, the UK and the British equivalent of England has become quite natural. Of course, the British Isles after hundreds of years interaction and communication, language and culture clearly has had a considerable degree of integration, but people outside of England, still maintain their traditional ethnic culture is unique, so for many people or students arrived in the United Kingdom is concerned, always will be the impact of the Chinese translation, while the British and the English do not know the difference, for example, we will put Scotland and Wales who are counted as British, but definitely not refer to each other is English, this would clearly not English and those who self-identify with a very strong Scots, Wales and Northern Ireland will not only cause strong displeasure, and even an affront. Northern Ireland has some students to attend, and to the British in the chat, even calling each other as English, not only each other off in a huff, but also a serious negative national diplomacy. Even heard some of the wrong address because of similar foreign students and local people has a lot of physical and verbal conflict. Britain is basically a country of freedom and the rule of law, all according to law, they do not go beyond the scope permitted by law, have enjoyed great freedom. In addition to nationality, the British conservative by nature, very respect for tradition, and thus keep a considerable number of monuments, traditional heritage and a variety of museums, the preservation of the traditional services is sparing no effort, although it caused a lot of human and material consumption, but still subject to the general support of the British people, many of the Trust Fund set up to maintain the preservation of traditional heritage, such as the National Trust. And the same for the English-speaking countries, the United Kingdom and the United States will have social and national character of a great difference to the general living standards, its modern, comfortable level are lagging behind the U.S., hardly ordinary daily efficiency compared with the United States ratio. English is not as straightforward Americans is so cheerful, it will not take the initiative with a stranger, whose starting point is Shushing people do not explore privacy. If the British chat with strangers, will still be very reserved, and subject always spinning around in the weather, because this is the most does not touch the subject of privacy. In general, the British are not so easy to make friends if the Americans, but once the hand in a...
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