The Differences and Similarites of Dogs and Cats

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The Differences and Similarities of a Dog and Cat
Two domestic animals that share many common and different elements are dog and cat. Despite being different species they exhibit many surprising similarities. By examining these characteristics of each animal can become helpful when selecting a pet.

Domestic dogs and cats share many common elements. They both make great companions as pets and are very loyal to their handlers and family members. Dogs and cats also have over two hundred breeds. In addition, dogs and cats have excellent hearing they hear very high pitches that humans are unable to hear. They can funnel the sound into their ears by turning them in the same direction of the sound. Dogs and cats vision is also unique. They are able to see very little color like yellows, whites and blues; however, they are red-green colorblind but can see well at night. Finally, their sense of smell is excellent as well. Their sense of smell is very sensitive and they are able to smell thing fourteen times better than humans can.

Although domestic dogs and domestic cats have common elements, they also have many they differ from each other. The first thing that is different is the sound that they both make the cat can meow and make a purring sound, whereas the dog barks and can make a growling sound. Second, they both have very different types of paws cats have sharp claws that they use for ripping and tearing. Dogs have duller claws that they use mostly for digging and some have webbed feet for better swimming abilities. In addition, dogs and cats have different features like the dogs have longer noses and their tongues are smooth. Whereas the cat has, a smaller nose and they have rough tongues that feel like sand paper. Finally, both dog and cat live different life styles. The dog is usually very active and likes to play fetch and chase after things, whereas the cat does not move around as much and does not play fetch but may chase thing for a little while....
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