The difference between living at home and living with a spouse

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The difference between living at home and living with a spouse
If someone would have asked me at 17 years old if this is what I expected living on my own. I would have never imagined this is how it was going to be. Moving from my parents’ home and into my own place with my spouse was definitely a complete change as well as a challenge from what I was used to. I do not think that I could have prepared myself for how different it was really going to be. I went from everything being done for me, to having to make sure, I got everything done and that I did not wait on someone else to do it for me. WOW! How different it was living at home and moving out with a spouse. The changes involved the house, rules, and memories.

When we are still living at home with our parents we do not really think about how much the size and the location of a house will determine the price that you will end up paying for the property. Once we move out, we start to realize even though we would love to have that big house with lots of land, which mainly we only want this to show off to our friends and family. It does not always come at a price we can afford. Once you become independent and start paying for these things on your own. You become more observant and start to look for homes that fall in your price range, based on what you can afford on the income that you have coming in. And then we soon start to realize that even though the house may not be large, it is still a place we can call our home and start to feel all warm and cozy. We should just be thankful we can have a home .

When we leave home it is always seems to be a sad time in our lives just because, we think about how many things has happened during the time we have been there and how leaving makes us feel like it will all come to an end. Just remember those memories we will always keep with us no matter where we are in our life. Like the summers playing outside, the picnics in the field or maybe the water fights...
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