The Development of the Village of Meadowside

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1. The diagrams below show how an area called Meadowside developed from a village into a suburb of the city of Fonton. Show – describe
Called – named
Area – village
Developed – the development
The diagrams below present how the development of the village named Meadowside into a outskirt of the Fonton city. 2. The bar chart below shows the results of a survey conducted by a personnel department at a major company. The survey was carried out on two groups of workers: those aged from 18-30 and those aged 45-60, and shows factors affecting their work performance. Show – present

Resutls – outcomes
Survey – study
Conducted – implemented
Major – large
Workers – employees
Aged form 18-30 – from 18-30 years of age
Aged 45-60 – were 45-50 years old
The chart below presents the outcomes of a study implemented by a large company which investigated the factors influencing their occupational function and devide the employees into two groups: those were from 18-30 years of age and 45-60 years old. WRITTING – HOUSEWORK DONE BY STUDENT

The chart describes the findings of a survey conducted with an IELTS class which students were divided into two groups of males and females .They asked them about how they do the housework. In total, men spend just over two-and-a-half hours on household tasks whereas women spend slightly less than four hours. Women spend more than twice as much time doing kitchen tasks such as cooking and washing up as men (74 minutes for women as opposed to 30 minutes for men. Women are also more active in cleaning the house- it takes 58 minutes of their day compared to / with 13 minutes for men – and childcare, where women put in more than twice as much time as men.  

On the other hand, men are more active in gardening and pet care, where they spend twice as long as women, and maintenance and DIY, on which they spend 15 minutes more than women. Women account for almost all the time spent on washing and ironing clothes. This takes them...
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