Men & Women at Work

Topics: All India Trinamool Congress, Tamil Nadu, Man Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: March 24, 2012
On undoing chores, man not-so-smart, woman definitely smarter

Chore machaye shor. Yes, say it out loud: women at work (or play) are perfectionists. In their desire to do everything oh-so-splendidly, they don't even mind redoing what those messy creatures called men have already done - no problem if the time taken cuts into their beauty sleep.

A recent survey in Britain found women spending three hours a week correcting chores their male partners did less than brilliantly. This includes rearranging cushions, sweeping corners and washing clothes. This feminine thirst for flawlessness may have spilled into other zones. For unmaking what Mother Nature made, it's said superstar Liz Hurley inspired cricketer beau Shane Warne into trying face creams and concealers, powdering over every imperfect crack all those gruelling hours on the pitch must have produced. Howzzat!

Politics too has many a lady gaga over their own idea of perfection. Take the ruckus over the rail budget of ex-minister Dinesh Trivedi. It unleashed stormy sulking in Trinamool boss Mamata. As Trivedi's reform-rich plan raised passenger fares to augment railway coffers, Ma-Mati-Mamata found his ideas less than perfectly pro-aam admi. So, she decided to redo them. The demand for his scalp ululated from Kolkata, and the minister was replaced by party loyalist Mukul Roy. Notably, Roy's first move was, ahem, to redo the budgetary blueprint, rolling back some fare hikes earlier proposed. How perfectly the cash-strapped Railways will run is now the question. After all, chalti ka naam rail-gaadi - only if Bengal's Didi doesn't turn habitual chain puller.

Didi isn't the only political diva redoing what the guys have sweated over. Remember Jayalalithaa displacing Karunanidhi as Tamil Nadu CM, and promptly undoing his move to bequeath his state a spanking new secretariat-assembly? Similarly, Mayawati, assuming power in UP in 2007, redid much of the local landscape. Sweeping away gun-toting goons, she...
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