The Development of Science in Ancient Civilisations Was Primarily Driven by Practical Considerations

Topics: Religion, Scientific method, Science Pages: 3 (1042 words) Published: September 30, 2011
History Term 1 Assignment
“The development of Science in ancient civilisations was primarily driven by practical considerations.” Do you agree? Explain Your answer By: Lu Hao (15)

I agree to a large extent that practical considerations were the primary factor that drove the development of science in ancient civilizations. However, there are two other reasons for the scientific development in ancient civilizations as well. They are religion and the philosophers. Science in ancient civilizations refers to development in technology made through discovery and intellectual study of the physical world in early civilizations while practical considerations refers to pragmatic focuses that deal with everyday problems to make life more convenient. The underlying factor for the choice is that science can only proper in a period of peace and prosperity, that is, when all pragmatic problems have been resolved with basic development of science. To begin with, practical considerations are important as they attempted to fulfill the basic needs of everyday life. The requirements of living encouraged people explore and invent. It also brought extra knowledge that made life more convenient. For instance, the Greeks had a strong practical sense that boosted their scientific advancement, leading to inventions such as water clocks to tell time, gearing devices to lower effort in doing common work, and the Archimedes screw to lift water from a lower ground to a higher ground for irrigation purposes. The Chinese’s, similarly, invented the wheelbarrow to lower working effort. However, while practical considerations helps in many ways, it was largely practiced by individuals who depended a platform such as a religious body to share their information. The Chinese farmers, for example, invented breast collars and iron plows in as early as 722 B.C. in the absence of a social platform. Hence, there was slow disperse of information and nationwide revolution in agricultural technology only...
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