Scientific Advancement Is Boon or Bane

Topics: 1971, 1969, 1967 Pages: 34 (11019 words) Published: September 17, 2011
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Science Is A Boon Or Bane@ : Home > Group Discussion > General Interest - Discussion Room | |
| Points to remember before you participate in this disuccsion: * Assume, you one of the member of a real group discussion. * Take the initiative to participate and contribute your thoughts. * Express your positive attitude towards providing the solution.| Poorni said: (Thu, Sep 8, 2011 04:53:57 PM)   |  |

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According to me, science is a boon only and it depends on the users. The invention of equation e=mc^2 paves way for the destruction of two countries. Lots and lots of million of poeple destroyed in this. But this plays much in solving energy crisis. Nowadays automobiles, vehicles makes our life comfortable in moving but at the same time, pollution destroys the ozone and creates major problem. By considering this we say, to solve this kinds of problem alsoa new scientific advancement paves a new way.| Rate this:   +9   -1|

Jits said: (Wed, Sep 7, 2011 12:41:00 AM)   |  |
 | |
As the given topic is science is boon or bane. I can say it depend upon people in what way they use the science. We can take many example like in olden days if we wanted to travel or when we had to visit any place or any message we had to conve it was taking a day, a month, sometime a year also but now a days due to science it is possible only in second or maximum in a day. If you take in the field of medical science, in olden days anybody was suffering with any disease either they could recover with Ayurveda treatment or depends on a god blessing but now a days for every disease a special instruments, equipment is present to handle the disease like ECG, dylisys. If you take in the field of luxurious life in olden days man had to depend upon only on climatic condition like to take the enjoyment of hot or cold but now days we can create this by using many scientific ways.| Rate this:   +8   -0|

Ashwini Shrivastava said: (Wed, Aug 24, 2011 02:43:21 PM)   |  |  | |
Hi! friends,
According to me science is neither good nor bad. But it depends on the use or misuse by the persons. In modern time science has given us more and more facilities.By the use of science our many problems have been solved. Science has made human life very comfortable.Science is just like equipments. If a man use is properly it gives happiness, if a man misuse it gives destruction.

But now a days by the using of science a mas has become highly materialistic. Because science has given us more and more machines/facilities. A machine is working at the place of hundred or thousand people. So many people have become unemployed.

Socrates once said "Handsome is who does hanndsome". In the same way i said " wonderful is who does wonders". To conclude we can say that science is not only boob but also curse but it is mostly depends on the use and misuse of humanity.| Rate this:   +22   -5|

Sathiyanathan said: (Thu, Aug 11, 2011 01:49:34 PM)   |  |  | |
Scientific development should be a boon, because without its improvement no human can play a role of human, he might be one among the monkeys till today, only the technology had pay the way for the monkeys to create such a beautiful world with all equipments that are needed to survive in this world.

So the scientific benefits can be considered as boon.|
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Ratna Sathvika said: (Mon, Aug 8, 2011 06:10:44 PM)   |  |  | |
Science is in fact a very great thing. We can say that science is a boon and a bane.

Science is useful to us very much but we need to use it a a proper manner and usefully. Wastage of these modern science equipment and technology is...
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