The Depth of Real Happiness

Topics: Meaning of life, Mind, Thing Pages: 1 (415 words) Published: April 5, 2013
The Depth of Real Happiness
By: Julie Ann De Villa Sadsad

“Unending happiness is a bore; one should have ups and downs in life”. As a living creature, obstacles shadow our existence. And yet, we all think that this would break our HAPPINESS, the thing that we are all dreading and longing for. Well, nobody can deny that matter, because it has been proven beyond the shadow of doubt, that we, individuals all need happiness in life. We actually strive to find something to quench our thirst in happiness in every minute of our life. But the question is- “Do you really know the meaning of the word happiness?” Perhaps, this word may sound as simple as eating a cracker nuts, but the thing is it’s not! Some of us often believe that happiness has always something to do with getting what we wanted. Seeing ourselves laughing and smiling every time. And for some, happiness means being satisfied with all the things they have in life. But in the mind of a philosophical person, the meaning of real happiness is totally different. In regarding his life as happy or not, a philosophical person knows how to consider things in life. He is just not counting his own smile and satisfaction within himself, instead with others. A philosophical person is not being easily swayed by the tumults and hindrances he has to surmount. Because in his mind, when he is in hard times, he always thinks that something better is always around the corner. He understood that there is always sunshine after the rain. Consequently, he never thought of being unhappy at all times. And for him, the real essence of happiness is not being measured by the how many times he had been happy. Not measured by how many jokes he had been taken and thrown. Not calculated by the achievements he had done for himself. And most importantly, not estimated by the degree of every smile he got on his lips. In further simplification, happiness is not about us, it’s about others. How we make them happy through our own different...
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