The Day the Cowboys Quit

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Although Hugh Hitchcock did not support the Strike of 1883 from the beginning, he somehow got involved and ended up being portrayed as a traitor. After the strike, Hitch faced many challenges that affected him mentally, emotionally and physically. His relationships with former friends such as Charlie Waide were jeopardized and never seemed to be the same. Hitch also did all he could to not let the big ranches take his Two Diamonds brand and not let them break him as a man.

After the strike Hitch had an obscure plan to get his self back on his feet. Hitch had a little money saved up for necessities, a section of legal documented land, and a few cows to depend on after he decided the strike was over for him. He also figured he could make it on his own for food if he planted a garden and hunted. However, Hitch had a lot of work to do before he could put his ideas into action. Unfortunately the big ranches were trying to prevent him from moving up in his life. After Joe Sands informed Hitch about the list by the ranch owners of the “maverick brands” to be seized which include him, he impulsively took Sands advice to go over the imaginary county line with his Two Diamond cattle where the county court could not steal them. Unluckily for Hitch they took them regardless if he was over the line or not.

As a result, a different side of Hitch was exposed. The once law-abiding citizen who did not believe in mavericking or “hair brand” found himself with those who did these crimes such as Law McGinty. However, he had a good reason for his seemingly unethical actions. Although “hair brand” was not an illegal or legal practice it still seemed to rub Hitch the wrong way because he still felt it was dishonest. The brand was made on the hair and not on the hide. Therefore, overtime the hair would grow out and there would be no trace of a sign and then the calf would be a maverick. In the end, all Hitch wanted was to get his Two Diamonds back and go on with his life...
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