The Dark Knight

Topics: Batman, Two-Face, James Gordon Pages: 3 (1055 words) Published: November 11, 2013
Jake O’Leary
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The Hero’s story that I am going to write about is the ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ in this story you will see how Bruce Wayne (batman) will come from being known as a villain in Gotham city to be coming the city’s biggest hero they ever had. In the last move of the Dark knight Bruce Wayne defeated the joker but lost what he though was most important to him his love Rachel, Bruane Wayne (Batman) took the fall for Harvey Dent murder so that the city would have an icon and could live up to. In the Dark Knight Rises Bruce Wayne is after losing himself and think’s that there is nothing else out there for him. It takes till Bane come’s and starts destroying Gotham City, for him to relies that he is once again needed and needs to overcome is past to save the city and put back on the mask. His hero story starts off with him trying to get back in to the game and overcoming his injures over the past years and getting back to where he was. Before the war with bane starts he has a big argument with his butler Alfred, Alfred is the only person that Bruce Wayne has in his life and when Alfred tells him what Rachel said in the letter that she did not love him anymore and wanted to have a family with Harvey Dent, Bruce Wayne is so hurt by the whole situation he ends up falling out with Alfred and tells him to leave. It is a crucial part of the film as when he faces Bane after Alfred said Bane was to powerful, the first time he realize that he does not have what it takes to beat him, After Alfred told him that we would be better off leaving Gotham. The first encounter Batman has with Bane is were batman finds out just how powerful Bane really is and that he is part of the league of shadows and he is trying to for fill Rassaul Gould destine, as they fight Bane break’s his spirit and body. Bane brings him to the PIT, wear he leaves him tim to Die. The pit is were Bane was born and raise, the pit is where man are sent to die. This is a huge part of the hero’s...
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