Something terrible

Topics: Superman, Abuse, Superhero Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: February 9, 2015
Batman: a Fictional Hero
“Something Terrible” is a masterpiece by Dean Trippe which tells about his own trauma when he was a child. He overcame the darkness in his heart through the world of fiction and the help of one of the most well-known superheroes in the world, Batman. In the story, his life was terribly ruined by a teenager who threatened and raped him, which is shown in page 4, panel 1 and 2. Even though his mother prosecuted the culprit, he couldn’t go back to being a normal kid again. The rest of his childhood was miserable. Even though he tried as hard as he could in order to escape the world of reality by wallowing in comic books, his burden still wasn’t lifted until he watched a Batman film in a lesson in a class, which is shown in page 5, panel 4. This is the most vital panel in this story since from now on, his life has changed. There are a large number of superheroes, so why does Dean choose Batman? After watching Batman , he realized they both shared a childhood trauma. However, Batman overcomes his sadness and becomes successful. For kids, superheroes are usually their idols. They always dream to become strong like one of those in the future. Therefore, this character not only saves Dean from the darkness in his heart, but also makes him mentally stronger. In page 7 and 8, Dean keeps growing up and he isn’t as timid like before because he knows his admired hero will always stand by and protect him. Nevertheless, his happy life doesn’t last long. After watching a crime show on TV, hearing about the “cycle of abuse”, the darkness in his heart comes back to haunt him again. It’s stronger than before and in the...
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