The Critical Period and the Age of Jefferson

Topics: United States Constitution, U.S. state, Supreme Court of the United States Pages: 2 (731 words) Published: December 3, 2012
The Critical Period and the Age of Jefferson
1. Federalist Party – The Federalist Party was led by Alexander Hamilton. They thought that the federal government should have more power than the individual state government. 2. The Democratic-Republicans – Led by Jefferson and Madison, believed the individual state should have more power and the federal government should have less. 3. Jay Treaty – Ended all tension between Britain and America, and formed a trade agreement among the two countries for ten years. 4. Pinckney Treaty – Allowed the United States to navigate the Mississippi and formed a peace agreement with Spain. 5. 12th Amendment – Stated that the presidential nominees will be voted for separately, and both will have a vice president running with them. 6. Lewis and Clark – Explorers chosen by Jefferson to explore the western lands obtained in the Louisiana Purchase. 7. Barbary Wars – Wars fought against pirates near the northern coast of Africa. Questions:

1. During the presidency of Washington the power of the Federal Government grew. He passed new taxation laws so they could pay back war debts. One of these taxes was on alcohol which was one of the most used substances at this time. The idea from Hamilton to create national debt by borrowing money was somewhat a good idea for the newly developing nation it gave people reason to want the government to succeed. They also passed laws such as the Alien acts, and Sedition Acts the government had the power to pass law even when it was not stated in the constitution. In Pennsylvania a rebellion broke out in response to the new taxes. In response to the Whiskey Rebellion Washington sent soldiers to put down the ideas of rebellion. By Washington being able to add these laws and taxes show the expansion of the Federal government under his presidency. 2. The Federal Government power grew extensively during Washington’s presidency. Although the power of the government was strong the people...
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