The Count of Monte Cristo. Why am I in the prison?

Topics: Prison, The Count of Monte Cristo, Thought Pages: 2 (444 words) Published: February 27, 2014
Steven Shin
Mrs. Leimkuhler

Why am I in the prison?

In the book ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ the main character Edmond Dantes had to go to the jail without any reasons. He was wrongfully imprisoned for so many years and he couldn’t see any of hope of being free. While reading this book, I thought of many things that I could do if I was Edmond.

First, I would make rejection to the person who is in charge of the prisoners. If I was wrongfully imprisoned, I have to prove that I am not the one who has done something shameful. But in this case, Edmond was going through very important topic, which was about Napoleon. The letter that the captain has given to Dante was about Napoleon, which many people didn’t like. He could have brought the captain in to prove Edmond that he is innocent, but sadly he was dead while sailing.

When Edmond was first imprisoned, we could predict from text that he was at the age of 19~21. However, Edmond was imprisoned for 14 years which makes a big difference. In 14 years people can do many things, they can become successful and enjoy their life with this women. But by being imprisoned he wasted precious 14 years that he could make advantage of. Before he was imprisoned, he was about to become the captain of the ship and was about to marry a beautiful woman Mercedes. Since he was imprisoned, he lost all of his opportunity and his chances.

If I were rejected to the person who is in charge of the prisoners, I would pray to God what I should do. God knows everything and he has purpose on everything that happens on universe. If God wants me to stay in prison for 14 years or more, I have to. Even though a person can reject my words, we can not reject God’s words. If I were to choose another choice, I would suicide. But God said suicide is a sin and person who suicides will go to hell. I would not want to go hell. In the text it quotes that “ Until the day when God shall deign to reveal the future to man, all...
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