The Classic Features Expressed in Love-Based Movie

Topics: Love, Hong Kong, South Korea Pages: 10 (3443 words) Published: May 19, 2013
The Classic Features Expressed in Love-Based Movies

: Analysis on Representative Romance Movies in Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan

Course Code: JASP 1130 / UGEC 1293
Course Title: Chinese-Japanese-Korean Movies: Appreciation and Comparison Course Instructor: Dr. Wu Yongmei
Student ID: 1155015129
Question: Please take Hong Kong movie Chungking Express, directed by Wong Kar Wai, Japanese movie Love Letter, directed by Shunji Iawi, and Korean movie The Classic, directed by Kwak Jae-Yong as examples, compare romantic melodramatic movies in Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea. Critically evaluate similarities and differences of romance movies in Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. Word Count: 3260 words

April 2nd, 2013

1. Introduction
2.1. Love, Movie, and Cultures
2.2.1. The Definition of Love
2.2.2. The Essence and the Purpose of Movie
2.2.3. General Traits of Romance Movie

2. Hong Kong Romance Movie – Wong Kar Wai’s Chungking Express 3.2. Historical Attributes and Social Identities Implied in the Movie 3.3.4. Hong Kong’s Historical Background Around 1994 3.3.5. Metaphor in the First Part of the Chungking Express 3.3.6. The Emergence of the New Culture after Handover

3. Japanese Romance Movie – Shunji Iawi’s Love Letter 4.3. Romanticized Nostalgia for the Past
4.4.7. Japan’s Historical Changes After World War II 4.4.8. The Impact Brought by Love Letter
4.4.9. The Symbolic Meaning of “Death”

4. Korean Romance Movie – Kwak Jae-Yong’s The Classic 5.4. Disclosure of National Traits Formed from Korean History 5.5.10. Traumatic Korean History – Encountering Numerous Wars and Foreign Power 5.5.11. The Quirk of Destiny and Influence of External Factors 5.5.12. Paralleling Plots between Two Generations

5. Compare and Contrast: Similarities and Differences
6.5. Deep Influence of the History and Culture
6.6.13. How Three Movies Reflected Cultural Features 6.6.14. The Use of Camera Angles
6.6.15. The Insertion of Remarkable Background Music

6. Conclusion

1. Introduction
2.1. Love, Movie, and Culture
Love, such a heart-pounding and captivating theme, which could turn all of the ugliness in the world into the most beautiful portrait we could ever see, and the pleasure that is indescribable in a single term. It is known as the virtue representing human kindness, compassion, and affection. Yet, on the other hand, it is also the starting point of complex emotional concepts such as anger, harshness, impatience, envy, mistakes, revenges, and expectations. On account of various subsets of the theme of love, many movie directors have always had a keen interest in detangling the intangible idea of love and its subordinating emotions throughout their movies. However, it has always been an extremely challenging task to express and deliver the feeling of love through medium. Movies provide more than entertainment. Movies are cultural artifacts created by specific cultures, therefore they always reflect cultures and history of the region, and in return affect the audience. The author believes that the intertwining features of the movie are to evoke people’s emotions, and get one’s thoughts out to other people and reach them by expressing his views. Unlike stories in literal form, a movie has sound and images, and this makes it easy to get into the story, and at the same time, harder to get distracted. Even though visual basis of movies gives it a universal power of communication, it is common that the misuse of artistic, theoretical, or technical aspects could lead audience to have substantially different perceptions from the original contemplations of the director. Therefore, directors are very cautious when making romantic films. Romance movies are the love-based movies that are gaining increasing popularities on...
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