Winter Sonata as the pioneer of Hanryu

Topics: South Korea, East Asia, Korea Pages: 3 (1047 words) Published: October 20, 2014
I agree that Winter Sonata is the pioneer of Hanryu. Like the article describes, Winter Sonata contain different elements which catch the eyeballs of middle aged women. The ‘pure love’ plots, the romantic and slow-paced scenes and the choice of actors blended and created a chemistry action which provide rooms for the audience to fantasize and envision themselves in the scenes of the drama. Winter Sonata not only fulfills the sensational needs of the middle aged women, but also fulfills their psychological needs. While they are enjoying the beautiful scenery in the television screen, at the same time they can be satisfied with their hidden desire, as the writer pointed out. I think this is the largest attraction to the audience, as the drama triggers their imagination. They can feel excited but comfortable when imagining their own stories in their safety zone, where they can forget the reality. Freshness is also an important element of Korean dramas that attracts Japanese. I think that this can be also applied to Hong Kong audience. As the plots and themes of local Hong Kong mainstream drama are always alike, audiences can easily predict the flow and ending of the dramas. While Hong Kong audiences are bored by the similar stories, Korea dramas provide them with different themes, scenes and cinematographic techniques, which can increase their interest in these foreign dramas. Besides freshness, the original ‘watching dramas’ habit of Hong Kong people also help enhancing the import of Korean dramas to Hong Kong. Knowing that many Hong Kong audiences are addicted to dramas, paid television companies have set up many channels which are specially for playing different dramas day and night. Therefore, there are great demands for buying dramas from other countries, as there are not enough local drama productions to fulfill the request of different audiences. Teenagers build forums and groups for particular drama through internet in order to provide platforms for...
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