The Circle

Topics: Mind, English-language films, Epistemology Pages: 1 (242 words) Published: December 10, 2014
2.  “All that happens must be known—true or not?” And is all-seeing really all-knowing? (70)

I believe that “all that happens must be known” is true and false. It is true because if everyone knew that everything they do is known, then anything bad will most likely not happen. Crime would go down, being lost would be nonexistent and lastly everyone would be honest with each other. But the false thing about is that there is no such that is privacy anymore, where one can do what he wants without being judged. The sense of freedom is taken away form everyone. The only sense of freedom anyone can have is his or her mind, where no one else can enter or read.

Your response to ‘ChildTrack’ (p. 85 – 90)?
My response to ChildTrack is that the idea is great for every parents that wants to keep their kid safe. But I feel that ChildTrack can only go so far to protect your kids and keep your mind at ease. If Childtrack were to become popular, Kidnappers would know about it and would know to get rid of it and possibly use it to throw everyone off. Your response to the “Luv-Luv” presentation (118 – 125)? My response to the “Luv-Luv” Presentation was that it should not have been someone there also, the reason is that her privacy was being invade in such a way that Mae felt like everyone around her knoew every single possible information about her.
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