The Changing Nature, Spatial Patterns and Ecological Dimensions of a Global Economic Activity

Topics: Wine, Vitis vinifera, Terroir Pages: 4 (956 words) Published: January 27, 2014
Examine the changing nature, spatial patterns and ecological dimensions of a global economic activity

Wine production involves two parts of economic activity – viticulture and wine making in the winery. In the global context, wine production is dynamic due to the influence of globalization, technological advancements and extensive research. These have essentially influenced the nature, spatial patterns and the ecological dimensions of the wine industry.

Wine production involves the growing and harvesting of grapes in vineyards. The vines require specific environmental elements to be able to grow grapes suitable for winemaking. They require temperature between 10C-20C to produce the correct sugar composition through photosynthesis. In this aspect, vines need to be grown in between 30 and 60 degrees north and south of the equator. Wine production extends from the growing of vines as it involves the removal of skins and stones from the grapes and fermentation of the grapes juices. White wines are fermented without the skin, whereas red wines are processed with the skins intact. This process essentially characterizes the colour, taste and quality of the wine.

With over 2000 vine varieties across the world and new establishing industries in new countries, wine production has been dynamic in its nature, spatial patterns and ecological dimensions.

Changing nature
The changing nature of the wine industry is characterized by three main elements.

1.Globalisation – has increased the opportunities for wine industries across the world to expand into global markets. Export has become popular, as there are countries that consume a lot of wine but do not produce any. For example, Luxemburg in Europe is one of the highest consumers in the world with over 200L consumed per person each year. Without the appropriate resources and land area to grow grapes and produce wines – Luxemburg is forced to import wines from other countries. Indeed, globalisation has made this...
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