The Cause of Today's Social Ills.

Topics: Sociology, Law, Internet Pages: 4 (1343 words) Published: September 18, 2011
Innovation and development in our country have caused many changes especially in various technologies. We are now merging the era where (ICT) Information and communications technology have come crucial to our daily live, however this arrogation for (ICT) to be one major component in almost each and every single activity of our routines. Subsequently, when the goods of (ICT) outshine the cons we tend to be blinded by the replenishment it brings to our country. As for example, we can see how (ICT) increments our administration system, educational system and not forgetting our economy. Virtually the benefits outstandingly overshadowing the negative resolutions in which (ICT) possess, none has the integrity to acknowledge this due to the (ICT) contribution towards our world. According to Cambridge Dictionary (ICT) is where massive exchange of information or data occurs anywhere and anytime. Indeed, it does brings a lot of benefits to our daily life, notwithstanding what if the "information" or "data" we are referring to can be contagiously negative to the vulnerable stakeholders? Interrogating who could they be? Whether we realise it or not the most affected by the (ICT) which left venomous impact as it poisoning their mind and slowly corrupting it. Perplexed, (ICT) has caused many social ills in reality despite its contributions to the country. (ICT) provide boundless network which promotes extreme socialisation among youths, inadequate law enforcement of the cyberspace activities , and global stigma.

Theoretically, (ICT) was meant to ease interaction among human and also to assist with daily tasks. Nevertheless, when this interaction is not being monitored or subjugated by laws it will cause a major problem especially when pertaining to the boundless network that (ICT) provides for its users. This boundless network promotes extreme socialisation among youths where there is no age restriction or a system obstructing any access from vulnerable user...
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