Is Technology in the Workplace a Good Thing?

Topics: Mobile phone, Internet, Cellular network Pages: 4 (1251 words) Published: April 8, 2013
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Today, technology is becoming more widespread. More and more people are becoming dependent on technology. Most jobs require the use of technology. Technology has increased over the years until many people cannot do their jobs without it. However, technology is a good thing; one may wonder if it had replaced many human beings in the workforce including e-mailing, cell phones, computers, internet, and video conferencing. Technology is apparent in every aspect of life. It had changed everyday’s living thing dramatically, both in positive and in negative ways. Technology, especially the Internet, has made information a much quicker and easier process and that makes humans rely on the internet too much, in other word, they are getting lazy. In the past, when we want to obtain information it required days or even weeks of research in the library, now a day we can just Google it and tons of information will pop up. The positive way is that it have so much information, literally at one’s fingertips, allows for quick, informed decision-making. This is especially important in today’s global market where it is essential for multi-national organizations to have current information from around the world before making the decisions. Technology is not for market use only; it’s also for us student to get resources. According to American College of Technology (ACOT) "We know that successful technology-rich schools generate impressive results for students, including improved achievement; higher test scores; improved student attitude, enthusiasm, and engagement; richer classroom content; and improved student retention and job placement rates (ACOT). Students in the modern day get information too easy. They have so many resources that they can use and benefit them. Also, all the information from the net is up to date. It’s good for student to use up-to-date inform. For example, if a school's library is outdated or lacking in a selection...

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