The Canterbury Tales Knights Tale vs Millers Tale

Topics: The Canterbury Tales, The Knight's Tale, Geoffrey Chaucer Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: May 21, 2012
The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer is a group of stories where pilgrims tell tales during their journey to a holy shrine in Canterbury. There are 29 pilgrims but the first two pilgrims to tell tales are the knight and the miller. The miller practically mirrors the knight’s story. The miller’s tale uses elements similar to the knight’s tale but it corrupts those same elements by mimicking them. The miller’s tale and the knight’s tales are very different although they have some similarities. The miller’s tale somewhat mirrors the knight’s tale, the characters have a different identity but they somewhat remain the same; they are both romance tales just very different types of romance.

The miller’s tale mirrors the knight’s tale in many ways. The relationship the girl is in, in the two tales is very close to being the same. Palamon and Arcita fight over Emily in the knight’s tale. In the miller’s tale Alison picks who she wants to love. The miller’s tale is a perverted version of the knight’s tale. The conflict in the Knights tale is solved by a fight, and the miller’s tale is solved in a crude joke played on Absalom.

The characters are very similar in the two tales. Nicholas and Palamon are similar characters within the two stories. They are similar because they both get the girl. The difference is Palamon gets her by default and Nicholas is the original victor. Arcita and Absalom are alike but different at the same time. They are alike because they both want the girl but neither end up winning her. They are different because Arcita wins the battle but then dies and Alison just shuns Absalom and tricks him into kissing her rear. Alison and Emily are related but dissimilar at the same time. They are related because they are both the prized possession. They are dissimilar because Alison has the ability to choose who she loves and Emily doesn’t.

The romance between the tale of the knight and the tale of the miller is immensely diverse. The romance in the...
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