Comparing the Movie Control Room with Today's War News

Topics: Iraq War, 2003 invasion of Iraq, Iraq Pages: 5 (770 words) Published: December 3, 2008
Comparing The Movie “Control Room” Vs. Today War

The movie “Control Room” is a movie that was based on the Iraq war in the late

nineties . This film it allowed it viewers to watch what goes on in many control room

around the world and how things are put together, such as how the media sees everything

that goes on with several occasions dealing news and war with several camera located on

many premises as they watch several television screens in the control room, and with the

technology they have zoom in , move cameras around and pretty much see everything

that goes on,. So whatever goes on, and someone gets killed they know, it h=just do they

want the viewer to know and how they want the viewers to see things.

The Control room allows us to notice that the news on television and newspapers

are true but is told to us partially and on certain circumstances on how they want the

media to accept it or see it, sometimes they might be adding things in or not mentioning

everything that happened, so basically it just part of entertainment, just as movies are.

I read an article in the “Detroit Free Press” Sunday November (16) sixteenth

(2008) two-thousand and eight named “ Security Pact Vote is today” and in this article

you can see a lot of similarities on how the writer wrote the story and how they tell you

what they want you to know.

The story “ Security pact vote is today “ is an article based on Baghdad, Iraq and

the similarities that I had seen had the same lay out; they first told you about its

continuation by stating that they had to vote on a security pact that would keep the U.S

forces in their country for another three (3) years , . They talked about power to sink the

agreement or help it through the cabinet , then they talked about the force in Iraq were

going to expire on December 31. And how they would seek a renewal of the mandate. So

as we keep reading they hit us, then comfort us and it goes back and forth, just as the

movie they had a situation when they talked about how they would like to stop the war

but all the consequences and things they would have to do. The article goes on then they

start mentioning the damage, and how a series of bombing had happen as they continued

they talked about the violent would strengthen the argument on the pact’s and how they

would need U.S force, so now we can see the pattern they give us., then as it goes on it

talks about a suicide car bombing . The violent and all the killing that was going on was

longest subject just as the movie. The article stated the deaths of which had happen and

their were at least (5) five dead and (23) twenty-three wounded and all were Iraqis, so

they put it as the U.S is safe.

As the story goes on everybody wants to know, what comes next, so the article

states what they can do, so they try to make an agreement and also threats, threaten the

U.S saying if they don’t immediately withdraw from Iraq they will have to attack

America, which was also seen in the movie control room, when they captured the

American and then showed them murdered.

The article security pact then jumped down to an U.S soldier being killed a little

short paragraph that told its reader there were two soldier who were killed as a helicopter

made an hard landing hitting wire, which they didn’t have any information on the sliders,

no names or units, and they also made it as if it didn’t have any thing to do with war, stating there were no enemy that had fir in the area.

So the similarities that I have seen were: Continuation, Power, Damage, Death

and killing, Good American that are safe and protected, the things that would happen

next, and finally a killing of and un identified U.S American which they wouldn’t have

any information on at the moment. And the movie had the same sequence of the...
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