The Camping Trip

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The Camping Trip.
By: Samantha Coles

Turn the page and we can start.

I wrote this for all my friends
that love camping much as
I do. Which is allot.

“Samantha wake up” Mom said “Or do I have to come in there and drag your butt out of bed because you know I will!” I must’ve slept thou my alarms again today wait no alarms it’s the first day of summer “Coming mom” I said as I stumbled out of my room a littlie confused. “OMG what are you all doing here we don’t leave for that big camping trip until next Saturday. Mom what are they all doing here?” I said thinking we had one more week tell the big trip and now more confused. “Yah Sam it is next Saturday but we have to go get supplies for the camping trip,” Emily said. “Oh” I said feeling dumb. I’m not confused now. But I wonder why they didn’t call. Not like Emily, Megan, and Caitlin haven’t seen me in my pajamas, because they have, but I was sleeping. You know how it is first day of summer and you wont to sleep in but you cant.

“Sam go get dressed we don’t have all day well we do yet we don’t cuz we still have to meet the boys and have lunch” Caitlin said as she was picking out what she wants me to wear. “Wait we have lunch with the boys today I thought that was tomorrow.” I’m dressed now and confused again. “Sam come on we have to go we need to get this all done today” Megan said as I was grabbing my purse and my flip-flops. I wonder why there in such a hurry I mean its only 6:30 in the morning, I don’t even think the stores are open yet.

“I’m hungry” I said as we pulled out of my driveway. “We’ll get breakfast at McDonalds in Preston” Preston? Oh I know there’s that big begging of summer sale in Maple Grove at all the stores. Were at McDonalds now. “Welcome to McDonalds how may I help you?” Said the person at the window, “We’ll have four number nine’s and four Cappuccinos please” Megan said, “Will those be regular or decaf?” Said the person at the window, “regular” we all said, “Ok so that’s four number six’s and four regular cappuccinos” said the person at the window, “ yep” Megan said. “Ok that’s $17.50 and you can pull up to the first window.” Said that person. “Who has another quarter? Never mind found one.” I said as I looked though my purse and handed Megan the quarter. “$17.50” Megan said as she handed the money over to the person at the window. Thank you and have a nice day” the guy at the window said as he handed Megan the bag and cappuccinos.

We ate on the way. “I have to pee bad” Caitlin said as we were almost to Elk River. “Can you wait or do we have to pull over?” I asked in a humor kind of way. “Ha vary funny Sam I can wait tell we get to Elk River” Caitlin said as she hit me in the arm. “Ok now I’m thirsty” I said as we pulled in to the gas station. Caitlin ran in as I got out of the car I asked if anyone else wonted anything and they all said no. Caitlin peed I got my water and we were off aging.

Now we are in Maple Grove the shopping can start! We went to J.C. Penney’s First. You must relies we are girls. “Need those pants, oh and that shirt oh that’s cute.” Emily said as we got to the junior section. “Emily do you really need all of that I mean come on we are going camping.” I said as we got some what we call ‘made for camping with the guys ‘close”. “No your right Sam I don’t need them.” We went shopping a couple of other places but that’s it, cause we had to meet the boys.

Ok so its 1:30 we’ve been shopping for five hours. It took us an hour to get here. An hour at my house. I’ve been up since 6:30, wow.
“Hi boys how is your shopping going?” I said as we all walked in the restraint. “How many?” asked the waiter. “Just us six.” I said as I pointed to all of us. “Smoking or non?” the waiter asked. I said “non.” He (the waiter) said “follow me.” So we did. He brought us to a both and asked “is this alright?” I said “yep”. he said “ok” and left. Jake sat down scooted in, then Josh motioned for me to sit down so I did, then...
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