The Car Trip

Topics: Performance, English-language films Pages: 3 (1168 words) Published: March 10, 2010
Catalina Verjan
February 21, 2010
By Michael Rosen
I am sure that many of you have been on a car trip! Experiencing the children, who are trying to annoy the parents as they are either hungry or need to go to the bathroom o have an urge to do particular thing. On the other hand there are the parents trying to calm down the children or just screaming at them. THE CAR TRIP is exactly a poem, which describes a life experience we have all been through. However every trip is different, the characters in the car all have individual personalities and this is way when performing this type of poems the performers really has a lot of techniques they can chose form, to really make it their own poem. Many ideas were able to get across, as we were a small group of 4 (Isabella, Duncan, Luis and I). The ideas and techniques of how and why were going to express the mother, the two kinds and the narrator benefit our performance to make the audience laugh. We wanted this reaction from the audience to make them understand that even though a car ride might be a little frustrating, especially for the parents a car tripcan still be an enjoyable adventure. The start of, we all decided to cast Duncan as the mother of the two very annoying children, using as very high-pitched girly voice at the beginning. Firstly it is very unusual for a mother to look very manly, making the audience wonder and so we have their attention. When the high pitch voice comes it is hilarious because no body is expecting a man sound like a girl and from the opening line you have the audience laughing. The poem continues and the kids continue their moaning, as the mother tried to be exciting, for this part we tried to create a little pit of tension as she tried to talk to the children in the same tone. We decided this tension could be created, by having Duncan exaggerate his facial expressions and constantly looking back towards her children. Later on, we wanted the...
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