The Hiking Trip

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In the short story “The Hiking Trip” by Unknown, the author shows many sides of Jeff’s personality and how his personality changes throughout the story. Jeff is a kid with different personalities; he is stubborn, scared, loving, and humorous person.

The author describes Jeff as a stubborn because he refused to hike, he tells his father that he never wanted to hike with them, “I never wanted to come on this stupid old hiking trip anyway!” ¶1. He tells his father that the hiking trip was stupid and that he was just dragged and that he never wanted to come. Also, he was scared because his brother had gotten bitten by a rattle snake, “But I’m scared! I don’t even want to have courage!” ¶3. Jeff was scared and frightened about his brother and he was afraid that he wouldn’t make it in time to save his brother. This shows one of the few personalities and emotions of Jeff.

In addition, Jeff was a loving person, he went on the hiking trip alone without his father and he kept going because he was worried about the condition of his brother Mark. ”‘Can’t stop,’ he thought. ‘Mark’s in big trouble. Gotta keep going.” ¶10. He kept going even though he was tired, and alone without his father because he wanted to help Mark and save him from the poison of the rattle snake. Jeff was worried about his brother even though he has fainted, “Where’s Mark? Is he OK?” ¶16. Through all the struggles he went through his brother was still on his mind. His actions show how loving Jeff is even after the fight with his father.

Finally, even though Jeff went through all the obstacles he still manage to find a good laugh, “I guess Bob makes a good living going up and down that road. I hope you have him a good tip, Dad!” ¶20. Jeff laughs even though he had fainted, he tells his dad a joke that Bob the tow truck driver makes a good living and he asks his dad if he tipped him. Jeff shows his funny side by joking around with his dad.

In conclusion, Jeff has many personalities in the story...
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