The Broken and Current Educational System

Topics: Education, History of education, School Pages: 3 (825 words) Published: February 19, 2013
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” –Nelson Mandela

Our Indian education system rewards ability to memorize rather than ability to think critically and analytically. School education system must encourage learning of concepts, and for that examination system should be re-designed on the pattern of concept-oriented system. One is the setting of objective-type questions, instead of the present system in which the questions require long, essay-type answers. In this way, it becomes possible to cover the whole course and personal factor is eliminated. This method has been used so far with success in pre-medical and other competitive examinations. But its great drawback is that it does not develop the expressive power of the students. One of the suggestions is that students should be allowed to take books of their choice into the examination hall, and make free use of them. Questions should be so framed that those students alone who are well up in the subject and have studied their books would be able to find out the right answers. Moreover, as the number of questions would be pretty large, the examinees would not get much time to search out the answers in their books. This again would make previous preparation essential. In this way, the whole course would be covered up and examinees would be obliged to make due preparations. As books would be freely allowed, the problem of mass copying or the use of unfair means would cease to exist. It would be automatically solved.Thus there is much to be said in favor of 'open book examination. children would never learn unless they wanted to learn. In The Republic (7.536e), he said, " . . compulsory learning never sticks in the mind." n the modern world, economic growth and the spread of democracy have raised the value of education and increased the importance of ensuring that all children and adults have access to high quality and effective education. Modern education reforms are...
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