The Boondock Saints

Topics: The Boondock Saints, Russian Mafia, David Della Rocco Pages: 4 (1544 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Errick Thomas
April D. Riedy

The Boondocks Saints

The Movie “ The Boondocks Saints” is nothing short of a guilty pleasure. With its profane nature and crude sense of dull humor, the brilliant film is an example of the style over substance at its finest. This two member Irish Catholic gangster movie is enraged and full of action, that will sure grab anyone’s attention. The Boondocks Saints is a movie about, religion, family, And vigilante justice.

The two Irish brothers Conner and Murphy McManus attend mass at a catholic church, where the priest speaks on the fate of Kitty Genovese. Later, while the brothers are celebrating St. Patrick’s day with friends, they get into a brawl with three Russian mobsters who intends to close the pub and take over the land that it’s built on. The brothers try to reason with the Russians, but they respond in violence. The next morning, the two Russians seek revenge on the brothers. In a brutal fight they kill the Russian mobsters in a act of self-defense. Feeling that it’s god will to rid the earth from all human evil, the brothers set out to do their divine deed.

In the opening scene the brothers Conner and Murphy attend mass at a Catholic church . The priest beings to speak on the fate of Kitty Genovese. The poor soul was murdered in broad daylight and no one would help her. As the two listen , they both go into saying the family prayer. When they leave their aisle they approach the altar, bow on there knees and pray once again and kiss the statue of Jesus. The priest continues to speak, and the brothers exit the church.

The opening scene displays a few ways of religion for the fact the Irish brothers attending the mass service. The scene also shows their belief of religion ,as the brothers say their family prayer, which they truly believe in. They Eventually go to the altar as the priest speaks, and bow to their knees, kissing the statue of Jesus showing respect to the church and there heavenly father....
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