Tom Brennan-Into the World

Topics: Family, Sibling, American football Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: September 30, 2010
In the story of Tom Brennan many individulas venture into new experiences but coming across new experices you may have to encounter obstacles. In the end its all worth it because you may also gain significant rewards.

New phases and experiences in life are exciting for all individuals. in the story of tom brennan, this idea of new phases is common throughout the book. Tom's adolescence is a time of great accomplishment and pain, as he is horrifyed by the accident that is brother Daniel was involved with and the inmpact it had on the family. Throughtout this time he is also trying to find himself after the event change his life. In this time he questions what is really inportant to him. His realtionship with is new football tean in Coghill is highly significant. In his role as halfback for his football team, he takes on the role of trainning and guiding the team. This involvement with football become an important symbol of growing up. He starts to appreciate and enjoy the game and comes to realise winning isn;t everything. But in the book it take a while for the characters to venture into the world.

The Brennan family have been through alot as they have to realise there brother/son had killed two people who was loved very much in the community and nade his cousin a quadrapalgric because he decided to drink and dive that leads him to jail. The family is force to move because the community won't accept them. And this is when there journey begin especially for Tom.

In the novel J.C Burke the authour uses many technique like flash backs so it makes the reader to keep reading on and to find out what happens next. It makes the readers to keep guessing and to really get into the book. Burke also uses a non linear which in the present. Collequal language is use to make the character seem realistic and that you understand and feel what they see. Discriptive language in order for the audience to relate to Tom inner struggles with guilt.

Tom venture into the...
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