The Boon and the Bane of Ict

Topics: Internet, Pornography, Addiction, Mail, Mobile phone, Instant messaging / Pages: 2 (396 words) / Published: Sep 14th, 2011
The internet has proven to be a very useful tool of communication for us since its inception years ago. It has numerous benefits on the public and private sector alike. It provides fast and reliable services on information needed and it is cheap too. Imagine it cost us less to talk on Skype than by using your handphone to call your loved ones overseas. The internet also acts as a store of vast information of knowledge where every item or topic can be found if we search it on Google. Nowadays, we don’t have to go to the library for our research, the internet is just a click away.
Other than that, it also provides free entertainment for those who have a penchant for music and arts. We can practically search for any lyrics and songs of our favourite performers on Youtube. In addition to that, the internet has enabled us to pay bills online through the convenience and other banking facilities. For those who love shopping, they can benefit greatly from the facility of online shopping without having to get out from the house. Customers can select and view the online products and payment is made online. No worries, no hassle.
However, there are always two sidesof the coins- the boon and the bane, the advantages and disadvantages. The intenet is no exception. When you register for any accounts, there is a possibility that our personal information shared online. Thus, we are prone to theft of personal information. There are also virus threat ranging from Trojan to mailboxbombing. As a result, our mailbox might get flooded by unwanted emails and spam mails offering us free credits or free gifts. Just be careful that we do not fall prey to this online scam.
Pornography is also abundant on the internet and the effects that it has on school students and young children are devastating. Parents or guardian must take extra caution to promote a healthy lifestyle for the young generation so they will not be addicted to the internet. Internet addiction will

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