"The Body" Conflict

Topics: Conflict, Feeling, Friendship Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: September 23, 2014
 Conflicts in 'The Body'

'The Body' is a story written by Stephen King who is popular for writing exciting horror stories. In this book there are four friends who try hard to find the body of a child and the different problems they have to encounter to find it. There are many conflicts in the story and it is interesting to read how these conflicts affect their friendship as they try hard to work on resolving both internal and external conflicts. The conflicts make the characters a good or bad person and make the story interesting. They add more feelings into situations like when a person dies. This also changes the mood of the reader according to the feelings and mood of the story as it makes the reader think and feel a part of the story and the sequence. The reader gets more interested to know what is going to happen next in the story. A quote is 'Jesus, Christ, where did you get that?' Its analysis is this quote will make the story more exciting because it does not give the full event and makes the reader curious. In what way do these conflicts affect the boy's friendship? The conflicts both unite and divide the boys. As they are united when they talk about a problem that they are trying to solve . It divides them whenever they have arguments, because some agree with a point whereas some don't. A quote is 'You little worm!' Teddy was screaming. 'Don't you act big with me! I'll kill you!'. The analysis is that when a train comes and Teddy tries to dodge it but Chris pulls him out of the track, and then both of them fight and have a different opinion. Another thing that plays a big part are internal and external conflicts. An internal conflict is when a character or a person is in a problem within himself. Like when Gordie was worried whether he would be a friend with the other boys next year or not. An external conflict is how the town thinks Chris’s whole family is messed up and Chris will also turn...
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