The Birth of Earth’s Atmosphere, and Its Environment

Topics: God, Sun, Water Pages: 3 (911 words) Published: August 29, 2013
The Birth Of Earth’s Atmosphere, and Its Environment
In the beginning, all land was flat, empty, and silent for the God of the gods named Complet Puissant Etant, his daughters goddesses-The water goddess Raindrop, the winter goddess Snowflake, The Tropical goddess Hurricane, and The Light goddess Sunshine, and his brothers, the gods- The god of Dirt Dude, God of fire Fireman, & their pet Mister Jo their gorilla. One day Fireman and Sunshine decided to see what would happen if they mixed their two powers together. “Okay on the count of three shoot into the air and try to mix them together" said Fireman. “1,2,3!” As they shot their powers into the sky Fireman’s ball of fire missed Sunshine’s and hit Mister Joe “Owwwwwwwwwwwww!!” yelled Mister Joe. “Gosh fire what did you do!?” ranted Sunshine. “Come on Mister Joe we need to take you to our father.” Picking him up she flew to the her father’s home, but as she was flying she saw that the space was lighting up. So she turned to look at Mister Joe and realized that Mister Joe’s wound was gushing out these strange lights and as the fell they were giving off this light that seemed to light up the space. When they got there they showed their father. “Stars” he says in amazement. That was the first day.

As the water goddess (Raindrop) was swimming and having fun splashing around as usual. She sees the winter goddess (snowflake) come from the north blowing her cold wind and all the water turn to ice. Raindrop was now unable to splash and have her usual fun. She calls the earth god (Dirt Dude) to help her. He gets upset because he loves Raindrop and they have fun making mud pies together. He gets angry and throws a tantrum causing the earth to rise in places. This causes the frozen water to break and flow. Waterfalls are created and Raindrop is happy with her newfound waterslides. The second day. “Sunshine what's wrong?” asked Hurricane and Raindrop.

“Yeah why are you are you crying?” asked Snowflake.
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