The biggest waste of time

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We all tend to procrastinate and waste time doing something else other than what we should be doing or just to help pass time by. This often happens when we are having difficulty doing something or when we are just wanting to be occupied by something. Some like to watch television or get onto their phones but personally, the best way I waste time is browsing through different types of websites. A type of website that I use to waste time are shopping sites because it is like eye candy for me. There is nothing that is more exciting to me than browsing at different items online and actually getting a chance to look at something one on one and view the details. Yes, it might be better to shop in actual stores because of the availability to try item on, but often it is overcrowded and they barely have half of what is shown online. I also like to shop online for the future and see what I may want to start saving my money up for. A website that I enjoy is Amazon because every item I find on there is always cheaper than the price in the stores. I might have to pay about seven dollars for shipping and handling but it ends up helping me out with saving money when buying several items at once. One time I was able to buy body washes, shampoos and other personal accessories and I purchased all of them online through this website and ended up saving over ten dollars. I could be online for several hours at a time shopping or browsing at different websites especially clothing sites like Hollister and Forever21. I don't necessarily like going into stores and there is hardly ever a good selection in inventory anyways, that is why I prefer online shopping. To continue, another way I waste time is through the social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram. Out of all the different category websites, they are probably the most popular with the millions of people that have accounts. Especially having the software application on your phone makes it a lot easier to be flicking

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