The Big Show

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Once upon a time three rappers named Bill, Jill, and Hill decided to start a rap band. A big rapping competition was coming up and they were going to enter. The “Big Show” took place on a cargo ship in the middle of the ocean. Jill was the lead rapper and he was in charge of the song they sang. Bill was in charge of their outfits, while Hill was going to make up the dance moves. They decided to call themselves the “The Little Big Rappers.” They only had one week to prepare for the show, and they couldn’t figure out a song to sing. So, all three of them helped Jill with the song, but still couldn’t find one. In result, they decided to go to their manager, Jill’s mom who’s name is Sally. Sally is a former famous rapper and had some great Ideas for her son’s band. Sally helped “The Little Big Rappers” come up with a song to sing at the show. There was three days till the competition and they still needed dance moves and outfits …show more content…
They showed up to the studio and Sally’s house in a all white limousine. The driver took them to the dock where they would soon get on a boat to be taken to the performance cargo boat. It was finally time for “The Little Big Rappers” to perform and they were a nervous wreck! Hill was the most frightened and he fled the scene. He was nowhere to be found and the rappers were on in five minutes. Sally was searching every corner of the ship looking for Hill and finally found him in a shipping box. Sally gave Hill a very stern pep talk, and Hill was all ready to go. He ran up to the band, who was extremely excited to see him! There was no time to talk though, because the show was starting. The had many tough competitors, but they felt they had the competition in the bag because the crowd loved them! The awards ceremony had arrived, and they won! After awards, a scout came up to “The Little Big Rappers” and asked to sign

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