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Topics: Thought, Toilet, Staten Island Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: October 27, 2014
Big Boy, by David Sedaris, is a short, somewhat, humorous story equipped with strong messages. It speaks of an issue he faced at an Easter party at his sister’s house and the complications it caused him. Sedaris had excused himself to the bathroom and found a “big piece of work” right in the toilet. He stressed and contemplated over what he should do with it. He even scolded himself for announcing where he was going prior to leaving to the restroom. He began speaking to it. The words he spoke were almost those of an encouraging pep talk. Once a knock appeared at the door, Sedaris thought of a plan that someone might assume a lunatic devised. He actually thought about picking it up and tossing it out of the window. When he was about to crack, it finally got flushed down the toilet. He then stepped out with a strange goal of figuring out who it was that abandoned their doings.

Someone might ask, why was he acting this way? What is it that caused him so much stress and anxiety? The answer is actually quite simple. It is society. It is social acceptance. It is avoiding being the odd one out. The way he acted was solely based on the fact that people would think he was the one who left what was in the toilet. He was afraid of judgements. Big Boy is trying to say that people do extreme things because they’re worried about what others will think of them. This story also points out two other important facts. It tells the readers that Life may not always be fair, we could end up being the ones dealing with other peoples problems. The actions of others do have a strong effect on those around them. Just like Sedaris took on and made it his responsibility to deal with what was left for him by someone else.

Sedaris uses metaphors to portray these point more profoundly. A metaphor is when a concept, character, or situation represents another concept. He allowed the bathroom fiasco to stand for a relatable life issue. What was left in the toilet could represent a personal...
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