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The Best Success Stories Often Begin With Failure

By hskgly Oct 17, 2013 537 Words
The Best Success Stories Often Begin With Failure
This is a folk adage in china is “failure is the mother of success” It means failure is the basic of success. If there is one fear that is common to nearly all of us, it is the fear of failure. But life is not always easy and comfortable. Sometimes you must to cope with many mistakes and failure in order to reach the final success while others might succumb to failure, they tend to retreat and give in their effort. So you have to learn through each experience, as success doesn’t always fall from heaven.

Nobody is born as genius for success. Few successful people were child prodigies, but prodigies don’t necessarily find success. Einstein is an example from idiot to science giant. When he was three-year-old, he even couldn’t speak. When he was in primary, the evaluation from his teacher is “he can’t be successful forever.” When he was in university, he failed English and Biology. So you can see from that, he is not genius, but he got success by hard working and individual thinking. So that he became scientist finally.

Success tends to arrive after a serial of trails and failures. Edison invented electric light successfully after he tried thousands times. He said, “ If I find one thousand ways something won’t work, I haven’t fail. I’m not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.” I think failure just as much as we need success. They have the same value for us. Only you know all the ways that will don’t work is when you know the right way to make it work.

Where there is a will, there is a way. The founder of KFC is Colonel Sanders. He is a retired soldier, he is broken after retirement, and he can only rely on the subsidies of government every month to maintain life. Sanders has a recipe of fried chicken, he decided to recommend his secret receipt to each big food companies, but every company refused the ragged man. After one hundred and nine time efforts, he is accepted by a food company finally. And then within one year and half, he opened three hundreds of chain stores. So the more you try, the more you will succeed.

But maybe you will ask: how to turn failure into power? You need to begin to build your confidence, and working through problems rather than avoiding them. And remember the mistakes can be lessons that lead to discoveries. So please turn your worry hours into productive hours, take the energy effort that you can be involved in and learn from all experience, including achievements and disappointments. Then try to turn failure into opportunities for future improvement. Then good things will be coming finally.

Success was less a matter innate talent and more product of perseverance, a willingness to stumble and stand up again and again. Failure is not fearful, the most terrible thing is that we cannot recover after a setback and give up. Without failure, how to grow? Without pain, what to hope? We all need to grow in-patient. So face to failure, get successes.

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