The Benefits of Healthy Eating

Topics: Nutrition, Health, Mental illness Pages: 6 (1725 words) Published: November 9, 2008
The Benefits of Healthy Eating
Marquita Williams
Axia College of University of Phoenix

Does an apple a day really keep the Doctor away? Although an apple a day is not nearly enough to keep the doctor away, it would be a good start on the road to a healthier life. Healthful eating is important and will change the lives of families in a positive way. Healthful eating will dramatically lower the risk of diseases associated unhealthy eating, create more time for family, and possibly offset desire to change other harmful habits. Qualified health professionals are not the only ones preaching their views on healthful eating. Healthful eating is a popular topic, and many less qualified people jump one the bandwagon to prescribe and recommend. Because up to 75 percent of deaths in this country are a result of life-style related degenerative diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, depression, aging, and numerous other conditions, the importance of healthful eating is being stressed more and more.( The Nutrition Desk Reference, Robert Garrison Jr. M.A, R.Ph & Elizabeth Somer, M.A, R.D,1997). Although there are no magic pills, potions, or formula to prevent any specific illness, a few general dietary guidelines are supported by all major health-related organizations (The Nutrition Desk Reference 1997). The Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) is suggested levels of essential nutrients considered adequate to meet the nutritional needs of healthy individuals. These guidelines have been developed by the Food and nutrition Board of the National Academy of Sciences’ National Research Council, an agency composed of scientists and other experts chartered by Congress. (The Nutrition Desk Reference, Robert Garrison Jr. M.A, R.Ph & Elizabeth Somer, M.A, R.D, 1997). For Example, the RDA of these nutritious vitamins is as followed, VitaminBest food sourceRDAPrinciple Functions

(A)retinolWhole milk, butter, yellow and dark green vegetables, and orange fruits1000 mcgMaintenance of epithelial tissue; constituent of visual pigments (D) cholecalciferol Fish liver oils, fortified or irradiated milk10 mcgTransport of calcium; intestinal and renal absorption of phosphate (E) d-alpha tocopherolVegetable oils, wheat germ, and dark green veggies10 mgProtects cell membranes against lipid per oxidation and destruction (K) phylloquinoneGreen leafy veggies, liver70mcgRequired for proper blood clotting

According to the 2005 Dietary guidelines for Americans, Produced by the US Department of Agriculture and the US Department of Health and human Services, healthy eating is eating a variety of foods, such as, grains, vegetables, fruits, and foods that are low in fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and moderate in sugars, salt, and sodium. When we don’t get necessary food we need, and related diseases take hold it’s almost impossible to correct one problem without creating another. (Alex Fir, para.4). Being unhealthy and over weight are leading causes of inactivity within families. Consequently, health related issues are passed down from parents to the children and without diet and exercise are impossible to correct. ( para.6). Get your family involved in the life style change. Invite your children to the newly shopped grocery store to explore and get a hand on experience about the sights and smells of the new foods. Parents can also create small talk about the new experience and get positive or negative feedback from the family. In fact, the change of seasons yields perfect topics of conversation. For example, summer is the perfect time to explore outside farmers markets, where you find lots of green leafy vegetables, and fruits, or autumn where corn on the cob, tomatoes, and other seasonal harvest time foods can be explored....

Bibliography: Mental Health: Causes of Mental Illness. (2007). Retrieved Oct. 11 2008, from
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