The benefits of Airport security

Topics: Airline, Airport security, Security Pages: 3 (899 words) Published: May 15, 2014
The Benefits of Airport Security
By William Engram II
I’m on the side of airport security. My mom told me that when she worked at the airport people could just run in at the last minute with their family members and friends, check their bags, walk on the plane and be seated. The family members and friends were allowed to walk on the plane with the passenger for their final good-byes before the plane takes off. Because of the state of the world today, much of this freedom is taken away. Today, we have to be conscious and concerned about a safe environment when we travel. Therefore, airport security is a must now. We tend to not like change, so there is always a problem with the methods of security checks or the machines/scanners they use. But, what if there was no security? What would happen if there were not x-ray machine or hand held scanner to find hidden contraband or explosive devices that have no place on the airplane. Airport security is important because it helps the traveler to have peace of mind while on the airplane. The passenger feels that the plane will make it to the destination because everyone has gone through the security checks and was deemed to be a safe traveler with nothing dangerous on their person or in the luggage. The passengers don’t have to be on edge, but can be comfortable. Security lines are long sometimes, but if it guarantees the safety of the passengers on the plane, I feel like it is worth the wait. If the passenger has the proper documents at hand, especially proper identification, it speeds the process up. Wearing the proper clothes and shoes also helps to speed up the process of going thru the security check-point. Clothes should be easy and accesible to be scanned and shoes should be easy to remove if asked to do so. These things help the people doing the security checks be more efficient and delivering faster service. I believe that airport security is most important because of the...
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