The Being

Topics: The Woodlands Cemetery, Mind, Road Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: January 30, 2013
There was the outsider walking, along the roads with nowhere to go but just across the distant road that seemed like an adventure. He had consternated the politic incitation that was unfounded in the rich and executive roads. Now as he descended into the foreseeing forests and woodlands he adjusted his metitraphictor so he then could ascend into the desert. He had just come along the intrusting delusional habitat which he had to abide otherwise and whatnot he would have to go to jail for all eternity. Shock had struck upon this being as he wanted to improvise and put things into perspective. He then thought to himself what a fine day it was it pull of an initiative question on the government so he then could get away. He had then thought of himself as a little delinquent because he had furthered too much into the woodlands. There he had seen an impulsive version of the horse that scattered towards him making contact with him. By that time he had just realised that it was only a figment of his imagination he soon woke up hoping that his feeble mind would withstand all of the constructive and divisible thoughts he had received. By then in all the light years he had returned to the eerie and mysterious castle/basement that if anyone had entered they would be cursed and tormented of the rest of their life’s... But he actually didn’t enter so he could save himself from all of the solidarity initiations. He then complied into the inmate position to stop those foes from concluding. As this foe did, he also had an extravagant idea; to bring out the most powerful weapon: brain. This being had successfully triumphed so therefore he avoided the tyranny that was about to be unleashed upon him. Moments later after all of this obliteration transpired, the being went into his homeland thus being awarded the most audacious warrior. Perplexed this being was, he still was on a recalcitrant adventure. It was authoritative that the adventure was accomplished. A few days later the...
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