Poem Interpretation: Cloudy Day

Topics: Wind, Feeling, American films Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: November 19, 2012
This man locked between four walls, has all the time to relive the crime, his horrible mistake that sent him to jail. Deprived of liberty, he remembers what life was like when he was free. Every second he spent outside those walls. All the people who cared for him. He was never grateful for the life he was living. It used to be no bars, no chains,no guards to wake you up in the morning. Now that time has changed as they even tell him when to bath.

Sitting in the dark, watching miniature shadows creep by. These little beasts lurk in his room and become his only friends, he start talking to them, yelling at them, until they turned him mad! But then a breeze fortunately wakes you from his insanity, it makes him feel alive, the cold breeze awakens his senses. Suddenly he smells the shame brought upon himself. He feels the guilt weighing on his shoulders. He tasted the bitterness of his actions. He hears the screams over and over again until the images come back to haunt him again. As the gushes of wind crash against the building, he smell the freshly cut grass, he see the branches, the leaves,and tries to remember the taste of berries hanging of the tree. It was standing there outside his reach, the figure breathed slowly and continuously as the rocking head looked at him purposely, it started pointing straight at him, mocking him because he is free.

To evade reality, is now a nesesity. His insanity is making him angry. He needs too let himself cool off, but being locked up alone is the same as being locked in your mind. With no one to talk too he needs to look within for answers and comfort. He needs someone to to look forward in seeing again. He loves her but sometimes forgets she is there waiting. But this night the cold wind blows through his cell. The stone so cold he thought he was going to freeze. He decided to make the next four years of his life a time to learn and grow. Instead of letting himself go to the icy night he wanded to...
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