the light

Topics: Childhood, Developmental psychology, Parenting Pages: 2 (374 words) Published: April 16, 2014
1. How do girls and boys differ in Bullying behavior? Give Specific Examples

2. What is the most influential system in developing a self concept and self control in early childhood? Reflecting on the Movie, how did Akeelah accomplish this task?

3. Explain the importance of Peers for this age of development and give examples of how Akeelah succumbed to peer pressure and please explain.

4. What type of Parenting Style did the Mother Tanya exhibit? Later in the Movie her Parenting Style was different, how did she transition to the new style, and which style did she exhibit?

5. To what extent do the four basic ingredients of positive parenting child interactions apply to the mother Tanya’s parenting Style, please explain.

6. What stage of Piaget’s cognitive growth would the main character, Akeelah be currently in and what stage would she be moving into, explain your rationale.

7. According to Erickson each life stage provokes a specific psychosocial dilemma, what stage would you interpret the Mother Tanya in and why? What about Dr Larabee (played by Fishburne), what stage would he be moving into on Erickson’s chart, please explain your answers. Hint, both Mother and Dr Larabee were in one stage, then moved to another of Erikson’s stage.

8. Please explain Lev Vgotsky’s social cultural theory, next predict Akeelah’s development in the next five years, and list the strengths in the child, the family and the community that you think will foster optimal development. Be sure to tie in examples of the theory to your response to this question.

9. Why is a safe harmonious home particularly important during middle childhood?

11. It is often stated that "it takes a community to raise one child", how does this statement and the movie correspond with Vygotsky social learning theory.

10.What struck you the most about the...
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