The Beauty of Glass

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The Beauty of Glass
Using works of art the National Liberty Museum aims to combat bigotry by putting a spotlight on our nation’s rich tradition of freedom and diversity. Galleries celebrate outstanding artists from around the world. “Glass art is the centerpiece of National Liberty Museum. It’s the medium we use in our mission to promote non-violence and acceptance of others by showing visitors that freedom is “fragile”…”(Online ). The expressions the artists make using glass represent liberty is breathtaking. It is strong, fragile, and beautiful all at the same time. It can be shattered and destroyed by the individuals who have no regard for the fundamentals that have transformed America in what it stands for today. In this museum there are several different galleries, each one being represented in a different meaning that liberty has to this country.

The “Freedom Ring Gallery” is located on the first floor. When first entering this gallery, there on the wall is a three foot by four foot painted metal glass art work. It appears to be the France flag turned upside down. It is a red, white and blue flag. The three solid color stripes go up and down. Upon a closer look, there are different color glass eyes that appear out of the flag truly naming this piece The Eyes of The World are on America. The artist is Renato Santarossa, and in 1996 Santarossa launched the International Artist in Residency Program in Guernsey. (Santarossa) This artist illustrated the chilling reminder that the other nations around the world are truly watching America, as it is the land of opportunity with individual rights. America is a nation that is constantly reinventing itself.

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Going down the stairs is the “Coming to America” gallery. Once at the bottom looking to the right, Is a very large golden transparent egg. The golden egg is symbolizing the land of opportunity, and how so many people from other...
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