The Article, Valerie Young Was a Marketing Manager at an International Cosmetics and Fragrance Company.

Topics: Ethics / Pages: 2 (830 words) / Published: Jan 31st, 2011
In the article, Valerie Young was a marketing manager at an International cosmetics and fragrance company. Valerie faced many ethical dilemmas that were not just about what’s right or wrong but also decisions that could affect her job, living, and education. Throughout the article Valerie is perplexed about trying to do what is ethical but sustaining her visa and pursuing her education. She knew that what her employer was doing was unethical but she didn’t want to ruin what she had so she was in a dilemma. Many people are faced with ethical dilemmas everyday and the decisions that we choose are based on our positions we are in whether they be social or professional we determine our withholding of ethics to those positions.
An individual’s personal differences and preferences can impact organizational ethics by the perception of those individuals who are running things and to those who are working in the organization. All individuals have their own way of understanding things and how things work within that organization. “Ethics are the values and principles that distinguish right from wrong” (Hellriegel/Slocum, 2010). The way an individual perceives things may different from how the organization interprets things for you. Ethics are surrounded by everyone in an organization because those are things that they have set in their organization. It becomes an issue for some people because it sets the tone for whether or not one feels that what they are doing is right or is it wrong so that becomes an issue everyday. In the textbook, Organizational Development, it discusses how those “employees in an organization that have a weak ethical culture observed more misconduct than those who have a strong ethical culture”. Those individuals who are in a weak ethical organization feel more pressure to break rules. This describes the stages for moral development where an individual at the lowest stage such as obedience and punishment will do the right thing for approval versus

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