Ethics in the Workplace

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Ch. 4 Questions
Intro to Business

1. How do relative ethics compare to universal ethical standards? Should ethics ever be relative? Provide a rationale for your response. Ethics are a set of beliefs about right and wrong, good and bad. Universal ethical standards are norms that apply to all people across a broad spectrum. These six core values being trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. Ethics should never be relative because their ethical standards shift depending on the situation and how it relates to them. This kind of two-face thinking is dangerous because it can help people rationalize bigger and bigger ethical deviations.

2. What is an ethical dilemma? Give 3 examples of ethical dilemmas that workers or managers might face in a business setting. An ethical dilemma is a decision that involves a conflict of values; every potential course of action has some significant negative consequences. Some examples of ethical dilemmas could be: Noticing an employee stealing from the company, Employees bending the rules of the company, or a supervisor demanding that you do something illegal. 3. Compare the role of the individual and the role of the organization in ethical decision making. How can business promote an ethical climate? As an individual you will have factors that come into play as you face ethical dilemmas. Your personal needs, your family, your culture, your religion, and your personality traits like self-esteem, self-confidence, independence, and sense of humor all play a significant role. As an organization the CEOs, and managers must communicate their personal commitment to high ethical standards and consistently drive the message down to employees through their actions. Business can promote an ethical climate by setting the best example for the employees. Communication will help promote an ethical climate, as well as enforcing consequences for violations of the ethics policy.

4. When might...
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