The Art of Jihad Documentary

Topics: Islam, Muhammad, Film / Pages: 7 (1613 words) / Published: Dec 4th, 2012
Name: Ossama El Garhy
ID: 900113710
Section: 19
Date: 1/11/2011
“The Art of Jihad”

Documentaries have a huge impact on one’s thoughts and beliefs. The Art of Jihad is one of the most interesting documentaries I have ever seen. It is about three American artists discussing the stereotypes about Islam especially in USA, and how they try to reveal the actual meaning of Islam through their works. Non-Muslim people, especially non-Arabs, do not know the real meaning of Islam. These people always misjudge Muslims and think that Islam tells us not to be peaceful. This happens because of the corrupted media as it displays the wrong stereotypes of Islam. But after watching this documentary I found out that there are still some educated people in the western society. I was impressed by many things in this documentary; first, how the three artists were filmed in USA. Second, the feature film “Dante’s inferno” and how Sandow Birk, the American artist, used this film to show the actual meaning of Islam. Last thing was Kamran’s show and how he used on the show’s characters to explain the real meaning of jihad in Islam. (The Art of Jihad)

The setting plays a huge role and in all documentaries as it supports in revealing the message of the documentary. Three different artists were filmed in different several settings in The Art of Jihad documentary. At first sight, these American artists who live in America amazed me by their effort in defending Islam through their works and mainly because they live in a non-Muslim country, where people barely know what is Islam. Therefore the setting struck me because I could not imagine that an American artist would defend Islam through his works. The first artist called Sandow Birk, who did the feature film ”Dante’s Inferno”, was filmed mainly in his office in USA and other several places. The second one is the filmmaker Kamran Pasha, who made the show “Sleeper Cell” was also filmed in his office in America mainly and other several

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