The Amateur Camera Club Annual Report

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The intention of this report is to outline the annual activity of the Amateur Camera Club which has been working in our college since 2005. The information below summarizes various events connected with this club which came about during last year as well as the fundamental details related to membership and its main projects. This data will be followed by the experimental ideas proposed for the upcoming twelve months.

The Amateur Camera Club is sponsored by the head office of Los Angeles Valley College. The club is open to anyone who has an interest in photography. However, all members must attend the Los Angeles Valley College. Camera Club membership is renewable in September. The Treasurer collects Camera Club dues in October. To apply for membership, the candidate must fill the Amateur Camera Club Membership Application Form out and mail it to the Treasurer at the address given on the bottom of the form. The important thing is to attach a check for the single membership fee for the sum of $20. The applicant may also bring the form and a check to a club meeting and give it to the Treasurer.

Special Projects
Every year the Amateur Camera Club organizes a few essential events. The most important is the Open Summer Sun Contest. Each year it takes place in different venues but always at the same time: the second weekend of the July. For instance the previous year competitions were situated in the picturesque California Palace of the Legion of Honor. Participants could prove their abilities during sessions in the building and its surroundings. There are three main prizes for the best photos from all three days of contest, and those prizes constitute various photographic equipment. In addition to this huge contest there are numerous field workshops organized every month in various fascinating places of Los Angeles and its suburbs. The purpose of them is to meliorate member’s photographic skills.

Activities during last year
The precious...
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