The Advantage of in-House Maintenance Against Outsourcing

Topics: Maintenance, Preventive maintenance, Corrective maintenance Pages: 13 (2926 words) Published: April 3, 2013
What is more advantageous in house maintenance or outsource? What is the approach of Maintenance Managers world wide? 9 days ago
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santosh kumarUnfollow Follow santosh kumar
santosh kumar vishwakarma • Both type of maintenance have advantages & disadvantages. It depends on your type of industry & management policy.Now days normally management prefer outsource due to following reasons :- 1-Due to lack of skilled manpower because management think expenditure on Training of workforce is wastage of money. 2- By giving AMC to OEM is cheaper because it reduces the cost of inventory. 3- Saving cost of maintaining Maintenance department.

But it is batter to use both type of maintenance for better reliability of equipments & machines & get maximum availability of plant for maximum Production & Profit. Which is the prime AIM of Management.

With Regards
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RolandUnfollow Follow Roland
Roland Cantu • In my experience in-house and outsourced maintenance are typically both used in combination. The ratio is dependent on the equipment / operation supported. 7 days ago • Unlike • Like

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markUnfollow Follow mark
mark nitchman • I don't think a contractor who has a finite term of contract can look down range past that contract period as effectively as your internal maintainers.

There is a relationship between the experience of maintenance provider and the capital cost of investment in new equipment. Relying on contractors makes it difficult to be confident that your company is making the capital investment at the right time. Making such investments too soon or too late impact cost and the reliability of the system being maintained.

If you are strictly looking at the near term then I think the balance sheet favors contracting but doing so without considering all of the associated future costs could be a financial mistake.

Another aspect of this question is the loss of experience to the equipment owner. When a contractor has been responsible for your plant, their accumulated knowledge of your equipment walks out the door at the end of the contract period. You are exposed to reliability problems if this occurs.

There are many facets of this question which are not usually fully discussed by the plant management team. 7 days ago • Unlike • Like
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MikeUnfollow Follow Mike
Mike Dudek • Speaking as a veteran of multi-craft maintenance, I feel that it is advantageous to have in house maintenance. The investment in skilled human talent is always offset by the contribution they make to the organization, ie: they contribute more than their wage on an annual basis, especially if compared to an outsourced maintenance contractor being paid in the range of hundreds of dollars hourly plus expenses. Management has to consider the long term big picture rather than an incedent based cost. Micromanagement tactics are detremental to the onsite maintenance crew. I have found that in most plants where I have worked that there are more talents available internally that are wasted due to them not being used. Many want to use their talents but are not given the opportunity due to management oversight and arrogance. Well thats my rant for today. In closing I would encourage management review and utilize the talents which they already have in house, as it is a win win situation....
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