The Advancement Of The Automotive Industry

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Leon Prikhodovskiy
ENVS: Professor Boone

Which Are Better: Electric or Hybrid?
In today’s economy not everyone can afford fifty to a hundred dollars here and there, every week or two. In our constant innovation and search for developing better and more efficient ways has finally led us to options. New technology has helped us further advance the automotive industry, but hastily neglected the environment. In order to help out with the carelessness of the environment; automotative companies have began creating more powerful and proficient electric and hybrid vehicles. With the prices in gas being so high, people have begun to look at alternative fueled vehicles such as electric and hybrid cars. In the last ten to fifteen years’ prices have dropped considerably for electric and hybrid cars. Today electric cars can be purchased in the $10,000 to $15,000 price range for very basic entry models, and hybrids can be purchased for $30,000 TO $45,000 all depending on the model you desire (Electric Car Costs vs. Gasoline Cars vs. Hybrids). Electric and hybrid cars both use technology that is designed to decrease the use of gasoline fuel for powering car engines. Electric cars are totally electric, meaning that they must be plugged in and charged, and that the range of the car is only as far as the charge. Hybrid cars use a mixture of gas and electric power to create a gas efficient partially electric car with a less limited range. In order to help preserve our environment necessary changes have been made to vehicles such as: making them electric, and hybrid. I strongly believe that hybrid vehicles would suit people in today’s society better, and benefit all more efficiently.

Transportation is very important to our every day lives. Throughout history, many evolutions and changes have been made in transportation technology, and it continues growing at a rapid pace. At first, people used horses and horse trailers as their main transportation. Then in the Industrial Revolution, the steam engine was invented. Later, there was the invention of the combustion engine, and it is the beginning of the automobile industry. Many changes and improvements have been made in the development of automobiles. However, until today, the 21st century, people are still using gasoline as the many fuel for cars. Now in 2013, we have hybrids, a new generation of automobiles. First built in the early 1900s by inventors tinkering with combinations of the electric motor and the gasoline engine, hybrid vehicles were dropped when gasoline-fueled vehicles became more reliable and easier to start, and gasoline fuel more readily available. Research and development of hybrid vehicles was revived by concern about oil dependency in the1970s and about air pollution in the late 1980s. A number of hybrid vehicles have been built and tested since 1980. Some of these vehicles have impressed analysts with their performance and low levels of exhaust and petroleum consumption. Interest in hybrid vehicles jumped in late 1993 with the announcement of funding for two major collaborations. The US Department of Energy signed a five-year, $138 million development agreement with General Motors and a $122 million agreement with Ford to design and build preproduction hybrid prototypes that could be marketed in less than 10 years. Today hybrids make a high percentage of cars purchased in 2013, because of their fuel efficiency and economical benefits. Here we are going to discuss the major benefits of driving a hybrid (The Money-Saving Perks of a Hybrid Car).

Figure (A)

Currently, Hybrid vehicles can operate on various types of main fuels such as: gasoline or diesel, and plant based oils. Some hybrids are even considered flex-fuel cars because the various combinations of gases that the car can function on. The critical reason the hybrid has grown to such immense heights is that it has helped the average car buyer save on gasoline fuel. The main difference...
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