The Abundance of Grace.

Topics: Meaning of life, Need, Want Pages: 1 (348 words) Published: February 26, 2013
SCRIPTURES YOU MUST READ: Rom 5:17, Psalm 102:13, Prob 8:35, Luk 1:30, Acts 7:46, Gen 39:20-22

LESSON: God has given us Grace, so much Grace; it is called the Abundance of Grace. Abundance of Grace means overflowing Grace. But to start what is the meaning of Grace? One of the meanings is unmerited favour that is favour you don’t deserve; another meaning of Grace is divine influence on the heart reflected in life or the outward working of an inward influence. It’s the divine influence on your heart that reveals itself on the outside. There are more meanings of Grace, but in all, Grace is God’s special blessing on your life that is showing outside so that people can tell that you are special to God, this is because whatever is deposited by that divine influence is seen on the outside. God has given us this grace in abundant and overflowing measure and all He wants you to do is to 'Take It'. He has given you this Grace but He needs you to take it and enjoy it. It’s like when someone brings you a gift on your birthday, and says ‘take’ you have to take the gift from the person to enjoy it, you won’t enjoy the gift by just looking at it while the person is holding it, same thing with God’s grace, He has given you His grace but you need to take it. And don’t take a little, take a lot God wants you to reign in this life and to reign is to be in charge or control or to have authority- and He has given you Grace and Righteousness to reign and have control over all things in your life. God doesn’t want you sick, weak or failing. In God’s mind you are a victor and a success, you are like Jesus and He wants you to see yourself the way He sees you. He doesn’t see you as a sinner, rather in His mind you are the righteous.

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