The Three Graces

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Report By: Deforest A. Phifer Jr.

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May 30th, 2007


“The Three Graces” as they were called were if not the, then one of the least mentioned in Greek Mythology. Some today do not know who they may be. Although, inside of us all is a remnant piece of them in us that makes us as we are. I think they are important because their lack of significance makes them a hidden blessing to people. The abilities they withhold make them key to our emotional balance in which they will always be a part of whom and what we are. They can be important in factors such as astrology and horoscopes. That is why in the next section I will use detail to explain why they’re important.



The Three Graces (Gratiea in Roman), were the daughters of Jupiter and Aegle of the Hesperides in Roman Mythology, compared to Zeus and Oceanid Eurynome in Greek Setting. Aglaia Goddess of splendor, Euphrosyne Goddess of Festivity and Thalia Goddess of Rejoice seemed to be least mentioned of the Olympians. The story of their early life is unknown. In later years they were known as handmaidens to Aphrodite, Goddess of love. Over time they collected ties to Apollo and Hercules. Along with their ties to those deities there is not much more to their story. Later info about them is given such as the fact that Thalia held the power of fertility, unlike that of Aphrodite. They were also tied to Hera as they spent six years with their father and ruler of Olympus, Zeus. They were said to live at the top of Mt. Olympus along with the Muses and Himerus, Goddess of Desire. Though these implementations were stated, there seems to be no actual significance of the Graces. That’s why I...
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